Jaap Pronk & Matt Brandt


The ’61 Down Hillbillies

Americana duo “The ’61 Down Hillbillies“ consists of two highly seasoned musicians, playing a mix of Traditional American Music.

A foot tapping gumbo of Bluegrass, Blues & Country combined with contemporary Singer  Songwriter material.

Jaap Pronk (Acoustic Guitar & Vocals) has been playing and performing since his early childhood days.
With his raw natural voice and inventive guitar grooves he’s got the perfect tools to bring a broad mix of Southern American Style Music to the stage.
Jaap played in the Bluegrass Band ‘Pluk’, used to be guitarist and vocalist in the Blues Band ‘The Dudes’ and in the Rock Cover Band ‘Cduce’.

Matt Brandt (Acoustic Guitar, Appalachian Style Banjo, Mandolin & Vocals) has released five solo cd’s with his own material, has traveled throughout more than 35 of the United States and is contemplating buying a Ukelele.

‘The ’61 Down Hillbillies’ will bring you the essence of Americana,
low down and dirty with a smile.

For Info & bookings: (+31) 6230 14 290


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The ’61 Down Hillbillies Demo