The TrueFire community spans all 7 continents, 140 countries, 1.000.000+ students, multiple languages and a large international faculty of 600+ artists and educators.

While technology helps bridge many geographic gaps, the production of new TrueFire courses require up-close and personal interaction between our production team and the artists that we are very fortunate to work with.

Matt Brandt, a long-time TrueFire artist is now running a TrueFire satellite studio in Amsterdam to help facilitate productions with European artists and educators.

Brad Wendkos, CEO of TrueFire says that,
quote Having authored and co-produced many successful TrueFire courses, Matt is very familiar with TrueFire’s interactive video learning software and production process. quote-shell


Matt is working to identify and qualify prospective artists, helping them develop their interactive curriculum, leading the production of the course and support the artist through all phases of their relationship with TrueFire.

Matt’s Instructional Courses

Modern Mountain Banjo
Blues Solo Strategies
Chord Tricks For Electric Blues
50 Jump Blues Licks You Must Know
50 Chord Tricks You Must Know
Triads & Double-Stops
Songwriting on Guitar
Chord Cookbook
Jump Blues
Slap, Frail & Thump

Matt @ TrueFire

Matt at TrueFire

Matt’s TrueFire Productions

Dirt Road Blues
50 Gypsy Jazz Licks
50 Western Swing Licks
50 Down Home Blues Licks
50 Soul Guitar Licks
50 British Invasion Licks
50 Southern Rock Licks
50 Alternative Roots Licks
50 Blues Bass Licks
Guidebook Rock, Billy & Boogie
Guidebook Scale Creativity
Fingerstyle Blues & Boogie
Western Swing Guidebook
Guidebook Flamenco Soleares
Guidebook Chord Creativity
Guidebook Soul Guitar
Guidebook Travis, Atkins, Reed
West African Guitar Styles
Neo Soul Guitar
Creative Slide
Buena Vista Cuban Guitar
Funk Guitar Guidebook
Licks To Riffs: Blues